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Where's democracy now? 2012-07-13 20:41:56
As you may have noticed I have been putting up alot about the mexican fraud elections and I decided to take them away since they are not really apart of the taikes music thingy etc. Instead I decided to write about it here and other things i dont know. Last week dictatorship returned to mexico and no one in the world seems to give a fuck. Especially not since its not of their concern and since for some countries it's beneficial because they gain alot of money from theese assholes. Then it makes you see the big perspective in how the entire world works. And you come to the conclusion that there is no democracy at all anywhere. No one is looking out for anyone and no one has any intention of making anything better. In Sweden you turn on the news and there's a quiiiiick part about a massacre of 200 people in Syriah and then 10+ minutes about some fucking kids who unfortunately didnt get their dreamjob at age 19. I hate you all. I truly do. If there's any justice you will all die. I hate you. But I mean whats the point we're fucked already. If we dont kill ourselves then we will kill the planet. I used to ignore theese things before since they make you so depressed but if you ignore everything then you're just as bad as theese assholes in charge. I dont know what can you do?

Music & Lyrics 2012-02-05 23:24:30
Hello I thought I'd write another blog. It's been over 6 months since I managed to succesfully wright something good. Don't know why I can't really do it anymore I guess I have writers block or something. However I do have a few good songs done altough when it comes to part 2: lyrics I'm completely lost. I used to be angry/sad/frustrated but honestly I'm not any of those things anymore so it's time for me to start writing about something new. If I were to write that I was sad and blablabla when I'm really not it would just fit in with Staind, Evaneccense and so forth assholes who for the last 10-15 years claims on every album that the end is near....and yet it never happens. Fuck them fuckers! Sometimes I think that the music days are over and it's time to "grow up". But the nI watch a live video or just listen to music and I realize that I really can't live without creating music and playing it. I could disguise it and get a 9-5 job and all that but I will always feel that I never succeeded in what I really want to do. So let's face it. Music is everything. I know we in Taikes have been lazy spoiled assholes to you guys but I think we have some new stuff coming up that will be interesting. So stay tuned. And thank you so much for coping with us through the years. Goodnight and a happy monday to you all :)

Mexico 2012-01-26 12:11:12
Hey there! And no I wont be going to mexico this time but my girlfriend will. For the first time in 3 years we can afford to send her home to see her family and I'm very happy for that, and for her! Hopefully I will be able to tag along next time since I also miss it. School started this week. So far its been cool but I fear for the math. I have to go and buy books but I'm lazy. Maybe I'll do it later. I tried to wright some music yesterday but I lack inspiration. Maybe I'm not so angry anymore? I could easily come up with a sleazy grunge thingy but it wouldnt be good and then there's no point (Hint to 99% of the big rockbands out there). Oh well I guess I'll just play some Skyrim and have some coffee. Take care!

Let me out 2012-01-20 20:41:25
Wow haven't written here in over a year hehehe. Hmmm so whats up? Not much, not working full time at the car wash anymore, altough I am stuck here for the moment waiting to close the place. No money no beer or wine that sucks. would have been great to have a few glasses when I come home, being friday and all. Taikes haven't been doing that much lately. Altough we are currently recording new material. 15+ songs. No studio this time. It's back to basics with home recordnings. Good old fashion demo. Altough I do think it sounded pretty good so far. What else? hmmm oh yeah Im a student now. Gonna become a programmer. Heard chicks are really into that. To spice it up further I wanna be a game developer. That would be really coool. Now I just have to study a shitload of math which I hate. But nevermind that. What else? hmmmm Oh yeah we were in London twice last year. Was alot of fun but we didnt have any money so we had to sleep at the airport. But thats fine. Oh and a funny thing happened last time we were there. We got into a little trouble with the clubowners at the Dublin Castle. One little missunderstanding, some lack of comunication from both sides and a discrete little visit to the ladies room. By the singer/guitarplayer. He's souch an idiot :) But to defend myself. The ladies room is ALWAYS much cleaner and nicer. Oh well I'll be writing some more soon so stay tuuuundeeeh. Now I'm getting out of here! Have a nice weekend.

abstinens  2010-11-20 15:32:03
jävla skithelvete. har börjat bli sjuk i 3 dar men det slår aldrig ut, jag blir heller aldrig bra. sen har jag slutat snusa, har vart fri i 5 dagar men det jävla böghelvetet går inte över. alla tjatat om att första dygnet är värst men det är bullshit. det blir bara värre å värre för varje dag. alla tjatar om hur svårt det är att sluta röka men ingen erbjuder hjälp för de som vill sluta snusa. det är ju inte så att typ alla i sverige snusar? jävla helvetes jävla fanskap. kollar på mtv där lost prophets presenterar band. det bandet är så jävla värdelöst å så fake att det stinker. först försöker dem låta som incubus/emo sen som allmän jävla pop-rock ala 30 seconds to mars. finns det inga som har några egna ideer alls nuförtiden? tycken man ens det är kul att spela så jävla tråkig musik? eller när ett band ska sitta och förklara om hur djupa deras låtar är och texter hit å dit medans det bara är bögig ytlig nödrimspop. snart är eran tid ute!

London calling 2010-11-12 17:18:49
Hello people Haven't been writing here for a while. I realized that you can actually do this old school in a real diary. Maybe that's lame but it's been...hmm nice. It's cold dark and rainy but I feel pretty good. In january we will go to London for one, maybe to shows. More info on that will come sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon balls

Why? 2010-11-02 15:00:17
Being an unsigned band without management is hard enough. But the constant fuckups by clubowners and bookers and agents, promoters etc etc etc. 1: They never answer to your e-mails no matter how many you send. 2: They never EVER wright back when they say they will. 3: They mess up the dates that you've been given and need to change them. 4: They promise a reasonable deal and then change it in the last minute. 5: They are always behind schedule (also due to bands) 6: They book way too many bands for one night. 7: They try to rip you off no matter how little they will benefit from it. They stripe you down to the last penny. 8: They don't give a shit about you but when you can attract an audience they love you and say how they've always loved your band. Perhaps I'm being a little too hard on them. I can understand how it works. They have to make money for the club, they drown in emails and phonecalls from shitty bands. So I have some sympathy. And of course not all of them are like this. We've had the pleasure to work with alot of nice ones. But it's wearing you out, and we've only seen a smaaaalll peace of it. Why did we want to start playing music again? :D hehehe well well

ssup 2010-10-28 22:46:41
hey hows all? good good hmmmm mhm. I've decided not to wright as much as I have before here. Sometimes it's not the smartest thing. You know how they all say don't drink and drive? well don't drink and write :D hahahah. dont have any to say. still working on that london shit but they're hard to reach. and i bought a real journal instead. I found out you can actually write by hand :) tomorrow I have a meeting with the bank. they cancelled my accounts rescently due to a stupid misstake that i didnt understand whatever no point arguing more. let's see what happens. so time to shave and iron my shirts :) baj baj

2 sides 2010-10-18 16:45:13
I have to try and beat this shit. Have to shape up. Today was a wake up call if any. But those bureaucrats don't have to be such assholes about it. What it all comes down to is a tiny little man behind his little desk who loves having the power to decide things. Am I paranoid? Feels like everyone is after me for some shit I didn't do or didn't understand. I'm struggling between 2 sides. One of them wants to shape up, get a good job (or something not so boring), take responsibility and all that. The other one just wants to raise hell, get wasted and give everyone the big "fuck you". I think a mixture of both would make a great bureaucrat for sure :) I recently finished this song about Ed Gein called "Am I paranoid?" For those who don't know, Ed Gein was a serial killer in the 50's and a lot of characters such as Leatherface and Buffalo Bill have been based on him. I think the song is pretty cool but let's see what the band thinks.

My evil 2010-10-17 12:07:58
The notes are a good way to keep track of the mood. Last friday we played at sticky fingers again. Was fun to play. Not that many people tough but I just thought it made it kinda cozy in a weird way. I hate when everyone in the crowd is wasted and starts screaming and try to steal the show or something. Don't get me wrong I love a dedicated crowd but not when they don't care about the music. This crowd seemed to. They were pretty quiet wich was kind of them :) I on the other hand was completely wasted. Did something not to bright and will not do it again...let's just leave it at that. Today I'm listening to some Jimi Hendrix. Pretty cool stuff. Also working on building a fanbase in London so we can get over there soon. Hope you all had a descent weekend. And many good ones to come.

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