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My evil  by Johan 2010-10-17 12:07:58

The notes are a good way to keep track of the mood. Last friday we played at sticky fingers again. Was fun to play. Not that many people tough but I just thought it made it kinda cozy in a weird way. I hate when everyone in the crowd is wasted and starts screaming and try to steal the show or something. Don't get me wrong I love a dedicated crowd but not when they don't care about the music. This crowd seemed to. They were pretty quiet wich was kind of them :) I on the other hand was completely wasted. Did something not to bright and will not do it again...let's just leave it at that. Today I'm listening to some Jimi Hendrix. Pretty cool stuff. Also working on building a fanbase in London so we can get over there soon. Hope you all had a descent weekend. And many good ones to come.
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