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2 sides  by Johan 2010-10-18 16:45:13

I have to try and beat this shit. Have to shape up. Today was a wake up call if any. But those bureaucrats don't have to be such assholes about it. What it all comes down to is a tiny little man behind his little desk who loves having the power to decide things. Am I paranoid? Feels like everyone is after me for some shit I didn't do or didn't understand. I'm struggling between 2 sides. One of them wants to shape up, get a good job (or something not so boring), take responsibility and all that. The other one just wants to raise hell, get wasted and give everyone the big "fuck you". I think a mixture of both would make a great bureaucrat for sure :) I recently finished this song about Ed Gein called "Am I paranoid?" For those who don't know, Ed Gein was a serial killer in the 50's and a lot of characters such as Leatherface and Buffalo Bill have been based on him. I think the song is pretty cool but let's see what the band thinks.
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