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Let me out  by Johan 2012-01-20 20:41:25

Wow haven't written here in over a year hehehe. Hmmm so whats up? Not much, not working full time at the car wash anymore, altough I am stuck here for the moment waiting to close the place. No money no beer or wine that sucks. would have been great to have a few glasses when I come home, being friday and all. Taikes haven't been doing that much lately. Altough we are currently recording new material. 15+ songs. No studio this time. It's back to basics with home recordnings. Good old fashion demo. Altough I do think it sounded pretty good so far. What else? hmmm oh yeah Im a student now. Gonna become a programmer. Heard chicks are really into that. To spice it up further I wanna be a game developer. That would be really coool. Now I just have to study a shitload of math which I hate. But nevermind that. What else? hmmmm Oh yeah we were in London twice last year. Was alot of fun but we didnt have any money so we had to sleep at the airport. But thats fine. Oh and a funny thing happened last time we were there. We got into a little trouble with the clubowners at the Dublin Castle. One little missunderstanding, some lack of comunication from both sides and a discrete little visit to the ladies room. By the singer/guitarplayer. He's souch an idiot :) But to defend myself. The ladies room is ALWAYS much cleaner and nicer. Oh well I'll be writing some more soon so stay tuuuundeeeh. Now I'm getting out of here! Have a nice weekend.
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